Komikal's Kalendar



Hype up your Happy Hour and Liven up your Live Chats with Komikal's Kwiz Show!


With a "komikal1" spin on games live Trivia Pursuit, Pictionary, and Heads Up, we can cackle through quarantine and come together while socially distant!


I'll bring the Komedy and Kwestions, you bring the Knowledge and Kocktails!

"Wow! What an experience that everyone needs to have. During these times of uncertainty, everyone needs laughter in their homes to take the daily stresses away. Komikal 1 you made a birthday come to life for our family.  The professionalism from beginning to the end of the show and even during the planning process.  We laughed from the opening of the set to the end. 

 People are still talking about it in our family a month later.  The material was created for the honoree . We can tell that the process and the set was done with thought, class and purpose. 

If you are looking for fun and want to see your family during this holiday season for a day or night full of love, laughter and class, book Komikal 1 for your joy to this season. This is the season for Komikal 1 in your homes. We will definitely book again." 

-Jazzy J!

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