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Finding the funny in every day life is a gift, and Komikal1 is certainly blessed with that ability! In cataloging the hilarious, absurd, and authentic observations of her daily commutes, she built a following through her Dear Red Line Rider and Commuter Chronicles Chicago blogs. 


Her comedic writing moved her to the comedy stage when she was blessed with the opportunity to perform at Faith Movers Church before Chicago comedy legend, Damon Williams! Since that first time on the mic, Komikal1 has performed stand up and hosted/emceed several events.

Komikal1's wit, charm, and style coupled with her faith and focus makes her the perfect entertainer for your next celebration!

"If you want clean yet daring  straight to the point comedy that cuts deep – or, for that matter, one that challenges your imagination   – Charise Bennett’s  raw, hot off the press material has a thin line combination of inspiration & humor.  That, along with her transparency, witty charm & bright smile will definitely tickle your fancy and bring the house down with uncontrollable  bursts of laughters that leaves one joyfully encouraged & empowered all at the same time." -Pastor Annette Barker, Christian Unity M.B. Church

"Kreating Kommunity through Komedy!"

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Hype up your Happy Hour and Liven up your Live Chats with Komikal's Game Night: the Virtual Edition!


With a blacktastic spin on games live trivia pursuit, pictionary, and heads up, we can cackle through quarantine and come together while socially distant!


I'll bring the Komedy and Kwestions, you bring the Knowledge and Kocktails!


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Komikal's Kwiz Show

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